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About Us

We are known for our role in shaping the future of perfumery by introducing new concepts of products and services to individuals and corporates.

Our novel perfume mixing machine that allows people to design, share and distribute their unique perfume creations. Following the success of our one-of-a-kind machine, we took it upon ourselves to enable brands to create and manufacture their own customized trademark scent that represents the brand identity and speaks volumes on its behalf — through the powerful sense of smell.

Nota Nota is a Saudi perfume technology studio

Meet Our Founder
Abdullah Bahabri

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"From the first days in the business world, I had a passion for new ideas. In 2014, I decided that it was time to do something original. I founded Nota Nota. I'd always dreamed of starting a company with a meaningful product in Arabia and take it international, and think I'm on the right track"

The Only Machine that makes you smell different

At this era where we experience a lack of personalized perfumes, we introduce the Nota Nota Mchine, the first of its kind personal perfume mixing machine to enable you to design and produce your own perfume within seconds at home. Share your recipe for your scent with the Nota Nota community is easy with our Nota Nota app.

Elevate your brand to the next level with us

Corporates do believe that brand is a 360 thing, and we can see this when we look at the brands competition within all the brands aspects, At Nota Nota we help brands to flourish by design, and develop a brand scent that can speaks for them and where we maximize it to all the touchpoint between a brand and its audiences such as ambient scent.

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Our Journey

Take a trip down memory lane with us

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