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Researchers and scholars were not been surprised when they found the mention of Sandalwood in ancient Indian manuscripts and how the elders considered it as a sacred tree. The importance and the sanctity of this tree are still present nowadays; its perfume is still taking place in many cultures especially in Asia.

Despite its well-known elegant brown wood, the Sandalwood is an evergreen tree with pink flowers and round pink fruits. The Sandalwood tree is 30 feet high and grows in Southeast Asia, especially in India.

Sandalwood oil is extracted from the wood of this tree. Sandalwood powder and oil are believed to help of clearing the mind, focusing, and emotional balance; it is considered as a treatment for many skin-related diseases. In perfumery, Sandalwood is one of the oils you would find in many luxury perfumes from ancient times until today.

The smell of Sandalwood is woody and soft at the same time. Sandalwood has very long-lasting usually sits at the base note of perfumes. Sandalwood oil matches the smell of human skin and corresponds with outer skin magically. Its complex aromatic compositions perfectly combine totally with all kinds of flowers and add a longer depth and stability, as well as Sandalwood work well with wood, spices, musk, and amber. It is hard to find a fragrant formula that does not suit Sandalwood.

The most famous perfumes which Sandalwood considered as a main note are:

  • Chanel Bois des Iles

  • Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule

  • Santa blush tom ford


Nota Nota Sandalwood

Sandalwood Tola from NOTA NOTA combining luxury and romance, it will play with your senses but at the same time, it will give you a sense of confidence. Sandalwood blend well with all Tolas with different concentrations differs according to the desire of the designer.

We recommend you to try the One Sandalwood TOLA with:

  • Vanilla: 3 drops of Sandalwood and 3 drops of vanilla blend stylishly and playfully.

  • Saffron: Spices are the first thing that comes to mind when we want to design a sandalwood Nota, so we recommend that you use 7 drops of saffron and 3 drops of sandalwood. This is a beginning of an elegant oriental perfume.

  • Leather: If you want to design a woody leathery perfume, then you should start with three drops of sandalwood and five drops of leather, this mixture takes you to a wooden house with luxurious leather furniture.

  • Taif Rose: Three drops of sandalwood for one drop of Taif roses can tame Taif roses of the overwhelming presence.


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