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Updated: May 26, 2022

Welcome to Nota Nota, you are now entering the world of creativity and uniqueness.

We will take your hand here into this world and give you some tips for you to reach designs that reflect your personality. Before starting Designing your NOTA, let's make sure you know How the machine works. Watch this video. To find out how the Nota Nota works, and to learn more about Nota Nota, take a look at the frequently asked questions page to help you explore the depths of Nota Nota.

Before you design your first “nota”, we recommend you to produce a one of NOTAs which has been designed by one of NOTA NOTA artists, understand the ingredients, how they blend and compare their presence in the perfume. This will help you to know the perfume styles that will suit you. We recommend to try out one of the following NOTAs:

  • Alf Layla w Layla: If you prefer heavy oriental fragrances that include leather or patchouli.

  • Deem: If you are looking for a delicate soft feminine perfume.

  • Cold touch: If you want a cool summer fragrance, this NOTA will also help you to understand Moss Tola and how they dance in the notes.

  • Raspberry Summer: If you were wondering about berries, and how it can be used in the fragrance.

You can access the above NOTAs from the search button at the top of the home page.

Now, as you get to understand the Tolas, you are ready to move to the next step, designing your NOTA. The technic we propose is as follow:

  • First, select the main Tola which will dominate the NOTA, and put 10 drops from it.

  • Then, choose 3-4 sub-components to add them to your NOTA. Add between 2-5 drops for each sub-component

  • When you have 20 drops in your design, produce the draft nota by clicking on "test" bottom.

  • Try the draft NOTA, then modify it by adding an extra drop from one Tola or another.

  • Your perfume is ready, now you can go to the saving page, give a name with a description, And don't forget to add an expressive picture, of your own NOTA.

Please note that jasmine, vanilla, Taif rose and oud have a powerful presence in perfumes, so if you use them as a sub ingredient, do not use more than 3 drops, otherwise it will dominate the fragrance.

Finally, we would like to provide you with some general advice:

  • Mixing many ingredients, will not -an may time- get you the desired result.

  • Oud in Nota Nota is a European oud style. So, if you are an oriental oud fan, we recommend using patchouli instead of the oud.

  • Your understanding of the fragrance pyramid is necessary. This will help you understand how the fragrance components appear during the fragrance journey. We have written an article explaining this concept. NOTA NOTA blog also abounds in other articles which will enrich your perfumery background so be tuned.


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